Subscription Cancellation & Refund Policy

Users can cancel Fingertips subscription anytime, by writing to from their REGISTERED MAIL ID and providing the details of the type of subscription to be cancelled.

Following users can write to us to cancel their subscription- School Admin users, independent teacher (Tutors) or self-learning student subscribers.

When user cancel their subscription, it will be cancelled at end of the current billing period and they can continue to use the account till end of the period. Any subscription which was auto renewed, can be cancelled for a full refund within first seven days.

Schools and Independent teachers (Tutors) can cancel ALL or any UNUSED student licenses. In case all licenses are cancelled by a school, all associated teacher accounts for that school shall be deemed closed.

Students can continue to use the free subscription account once they cancel their individual subscription or their associated school surrender their licenses.

All refunds shall be processed within SEVEN days and credited to a local account by wire transfer only.