Turbo charge classroom learning using continuous assessment on Fingertips

Schools can improve learning outcomes for their
students, using continuous assessments as a learning
tool rather than only for grading - see how

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Creating a test on Fingertips

Turbo charge classroom
learning using
continuous assessment
on Fingertips

Schools can improve learning outcomes for their
students, using continuous assessments as a learning
tool rather than only for grading - see how

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Creating a test on Fingertips
Simplifying conduct and evaluation
of assessment for teachers

Fingertips makes preparation and scheduling of assessment so simple that it can be done in matter of seconds and attempted on personal devices.

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Tests supported by advance
intelligence and customisable

Intelligence that selects from thousands of questions on every concept and chapter, of different difficulty levels to build test for every learning need - Edit or type your own.

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Insightful, Personalized and
Actionable feedback on every test

Response of every student is evaluated, analysed and bench marked, to generate a detailed picture of their performance and collective readiness of class.

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Completes the Learning loop with
digital content Library

Recommendations for bridging the gaps in learning using content from best teachers across the world- largest library of hand picked content on Fingertips for FREE!

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Conduct of Continuous, Formative Assessment made super simple

With click of few buttons, teachers can prepare and conduct formative assessment of selected students, sections or class on any chapter(s)

Questions on click of button

An intelligent algorithm recommends the best questions on selected chapter(s) and concepts

Select Difficulty Level

Teachers can set difficulty level of test for Learning, Testing or Challenging students


They can schedule test for a selected date and time for specified students, section or class

Intelligent, Easy and Customizable tests to meet every learning need

Conduct formal (high stake tests), informal (practise tests) or synchronous Quiz; in a controlled or relaxed, at home environment.

Tests for every Learning Needs

Schedule formative assessment to learn, test or to challenge students in a controlled, formal or informal setting, at date and time of your choosing.

Customise Recommended Questions

Questions are recommended by an intelligent system based on parameters and past performance; they are also fully editable or replaceable by another.

Include your own Questions

Teachers can include their own Questions in test including special scientifc characters and notations like Calculus, Metrices or complex Chemical Equations.

Insightful, Actionable and Personalised Reports

Evey response is analysed and benchmarked to generate highly personalised and actionable, individual and class reports, highlighting possible learning gaps in concepts.

Individual Performance Report

Performance of every individual student is analysed to generate a personalised report along with recommendations for Personal Improvement Plan.

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Class Performance Report

Teacher also have access to class performance reports that benchmarks and details out performance of the whole group and highlights common trends.

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Continuous Performance Reports

Based on multiple tests conducted by teachers, school administrators have a snapshot of learning curve in school and areas of additional focus.

Recommendations from digital library to bridge learning gaps

An extraordinarily large library of curated, classified and free learing content on every chapter and concept of syllabus, from some of the best teachers on Fingertips.

Recommendations for learning gaps

The individual reports not only highlights learning gaps but also provide helpful recommendations of free learning content from the Fingertips library

Customise Library for Your School

Teachers can also create and upload their own content in the library to help students of their own school or even showcase and help all other students on Fingertios

Still Have Doubts?

Students can browse frequently asked questions, doubts and their answers on every chapter and post any new question to get answers from their teachers.


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Fingertips also works for Small classes
and helps students in self learning


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Fingertips makes it super simple for schools and teachers to monitor progress by simplifying test preparation, generating insightful reports and providing personalized feedback to every student.
This visibility help teachers to reinforce concepts that may be less clear to class. Fingertips provide personalized recommendation of learning content to student based on their performance.
Continuous assessment and personalized feedback improves the learning outcome and overall performance of school. To implement Fingertips in schools, one can register here.

Formative assessment is continuous, in-process evaluations of student comprehension to help teachers identify concepts that students are struggling to understand. The goal of formative assessment is to collect information that can be used to improve instruction and student learning while it's happening.
Traditional assessment, also known as summative assessment is used to evaluate and grade student achievement at the conclusion of a specific instructional period—usually at the end of a semester or school year.

While Summative is Assessment OF learning., Formative is Assessment FOR learning!

Fingertips help teachers to continuously assess how well their class and students have learnt the concepts, without having to spend time and efforts to prepare, conduct and evaluate cumbersome paper-based tests. They can with click of few buttons, prepare and schedule digital tests for their students. Various types of tests, supported by advanced & intelligent algorithm of Fingertips, are super easy to conduct while at same time effortlessly produce detailed, insightful and actionable reports.
Fingertips also helps teachers to provide personalized feedback and recommendations of learning contents to individual students, that will help them revise their weaker concepts.

Fingertips helps student to identify relatively weak concepts, and recommend learning content from some of the best teachers across the world to strengthen those. Students can also access a huge library of thousands of learning content for every chapter and topic with interesting and engaging videos and join teachers digital classroom for even more personalized learning.

Fingertips help and support teachers to provide individual attention to students at concept level, which is often aspired but seldom achieved, due to high workload and manual process of assessment. It keeps the parents apprised on the performance of their child and avoid surprises at later stage or during exams. The solution is easy and economical to implement, as well as simple to use and maintain.

Teachers can use Fingertips to conduct different type of tests to meet different assessment needs, on any chapter. Teachers can decide testing parameters like degree of difficulty, number of questions and duration. They can schedule these tests at date and time of their choosing, to start simultaneously for all students under exam conditions or more informal home environment. They can also conduct highly engaging, synchronous quiz where question are flashed simultaneously to all students and answers are discussed before moving to next.

Fingertips has a huge, readymade database of 2.5 lakh question on every topic, chapter and subject, while tests are generated using advance, intelligent algorithm that takes into account previous performance of students, purpose of test and type of test being conducted. Teacher can either customize the questions or even type their own if they wish, with full support for special characters and scientific notations.

Fingertips is a complete solution for learning and provides thousands of learning content on every chapter and topic, from some of the best teachers in the world. Content has been reviewed and classified for different classes and concepts by our team of subject matter experts. While content in Fingertips library is freely available, schools and tutors can use the platform to share their own content with specific students.

Fingertips also has library of doubts often asked by students on every concept and chapter and their answers from teachers. Students can also post new doubts and get answer from our team or from their school teachers or tutors.

Students whose school are not yet using Fingertips can also use Fingertips to learn, assess their performance against other students, as well as post doubts to get answers. They can conduct self-assessment on any chapter using Computer aided test (Mastery test) and get detailed report on their preparation at concept level as well as recommendations to improve. They can also join digital classroom of independent teachers, get customized content and assessment prepared by those teachers.

Students can download fingertips app on Google Play or Apple store.

Individual teachers and tutors can use Fingertips to create their digital classroom and allow selected students to join. In digital classroom, teachers will be able to share personalized learning content, conduct assessments, share personalized reports, recommendations and answer doubts of students who are in their classroom. To create a digital classroom, teachers can click here.

Fingertips is a smart learning system with ability to assess relative preparedness of users in different chapters and concepts through series of assessments that they attempt on the platform. It records every answer of the student and analyze the progress in every chapter and concept, and is able to make personalized recommendations. User can also see their relative performance with all other users on the platform on any chapter or their position on the leaderboard.

Since the performance and result of every user is highly personalized, this data is confidential and available only to individual student. If they are part of a school or have joined digital classroom, the teachers can view the performance of students only for the test that they have prepared and attempted by student.